Sunday, October 2, 2011

White night/ White heat

Yet another Parisian (among other places) tradition is a white night at October,
An all night Open art scene (which ,as discovered too late, is not backed up by public transportation or Taxi enhancement)
A special treat yesterday was to attend part of a 5 hour performance by Rhys Chatham and Joseph Ghosn

Below are the event drawings, and photos by a dear dear friend of mine.

Rhys is the most communicative avant-guard trumpet-and-guitar-player I know, and goes to extreme effort to introduce his partners (this time - J.Ghosn).

A small comparison table of this one to the last time I saw Rhys,

Show #1Show #2
With:Will GuthrieJoseph Ghosn
Location:BoatHeck of a space!
Duration:20 Minutes5 hours!!
Drawing:Black on WhiteWhite on Black

A guided tour :) ...
A DJ with glasses and headphones looking down at the controls.

Guided tour...
DJ with his back to trumpetere

Till nextime!