Monday, March 18, 2013

Echos of a perfect day (or, twisting by the pool)

Two days ago, took the two kids to the pool,
Was a perfect day, kids fell, got bruised, cried, caught artificial waves, did all the slides, ate junk food, and laughed at their old-man.

I had the time to not think, listen, swim, let myself be hit by strong jets, saunify my soul, all of which took about 10 minutes... (naa... a few hours...)
After that, I took some paper from the cafeteria (where we left some small fortune), borrowed a tray and a pen, and took some shots until the pen broke (details later...)
First placemat drawing

Oh, and I forgot... I like how the bag before her is drawn with its two zippers...

When drawing the last one, the pen broke, and I used the ink to continue it (until it became too messy)
To dry it off, I covered it with another place-mat, and I like how the other came to be...

To finish off, some drawings from the Victor-Hugo house, yesterday.
Drawing blurred photos exhibit with only black

Ted drawing

Waiting for the group

Two drawing mates

A chandelier

Till nextime!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


About two weeks ago I saw a french play by MoliereLe Bourgeois gentilhomme
An incredible theater in Versailles, by a company that is super professional.
I had the fortune to sit front-raw center.

As entertaining as it is, hearing Moliere French after a long day's work is not a trivial thing for me.
But lady luck was cruel to the players to leave a sketchpad and some drawing material in my bag, so I passed the evening sketching.

The experience is a bit like hearing great jazz musicians performing standards you don't know, you enjoy their joy and craftsmanship, even though the actual words are sometimes wasted on you.

Later, talking to the group's manager, he said they were wandering was I was doing there, and that luckily it was an easy play, so they were amused.

Nextime I'll restrain myself, still, here is this time's booty...


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Friends, Free poppies & Fearless eyes

I received today a few gifts that threw me off...

An old friend of mine asked for some poppies-drawings, ("Give me some poppies", he said...) and I outsourced it to the group.
This morning, in response, I received a huge gift, from another friend

Same day, a set of heart-throbbing sketches from yet another friend, way way before we met...
Made me think of the Dylan line: 'But I was so much older than, I'm younger than that now"
flowing back

stare back

Till nextime!