Monday, March 18, 2013

Echos of a perfect day (or, twisting by the pool)

Two days ago, took the two kids to the pool,
Was a perfect day, kids fell, got bruised, cried, caught artificial waves, did all the slides, ate junk food, and laughed at their old-man.

I had the time to not think, listen, swim, let myself be hit by strong jets, saunify my soul, all of which took about 10 minutes... (naa... a few hours...)
After that, I took some paper from the cafeteria (where we left some small fortune), borrowed a tray and a pen, and took some shots until the pen broke (details later...)
First placemat drawing

Oh, and I forgot... I like how the bag before her is drawn with its two zippers...

When drawing the last one, the pen broke, and I used the ink to continue it (until it became too messy)
To dry it off, I covered it with another place-mat, and I like how the other came to be...

To finish off, some drawings from the Victor-Hugo house, yesterday.
Drawing blurred photos exhibit with only black

Ted drawing

Waiting for the group

Two drawing mates

A chandelier

Till nextime!


  1. I love the chandelier, well done

  2. You continue to inspire me from afar :)

  3. Thanks!
    - It took quite an effort to separate the Chandelier-ness from the chandelier... thanks for noticing :)
    - And Lisa, I'm glad you find it interesting! (blush..)

  4. I like the first ones because they are so free, but I love the ones where the pen broke, because of the effect.........

    1. I adore your comments, but don't understand teh use of the word 'but" ;)


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