Friday, April 26, 2013

Emotion in motion

Working with a group brings joyful challenges...
While I am at ease with drawing the outside, others are masters of drawing the inside.

Here are some samples of my attempts of these two sessions... (and other's!)

First one - drawing music:
Everyone brought a song, and we drew the song while hearing it.
Note: below each drawing - the link will take you to the music!
Note#2You can visit a fellow drawer with same songs from same session here.

Fever Ray - Keep the streets empty for me.

A song sang by Mari,
A song of joy by a tribe in the rainforest.
drawing with eyes closed.
(this is not it)

Amon Tobin - Lighthouse

Wine and Roses (not the right music in the link,..)

Laurie Anderson - Sweaters

Eugene Chadbourne - Georgia in a Jug (but the link is different...)

Glenn Miller - String of pearls

Mika - Take it easy

Barry Sacharof - Lev Shalem (a whole heart) 

Ori Chiraya 

WovenHand - to make a ring

Joe Jackson - five guys names Moe take 1

Joe Jackson - five guys names Moe take 2
Music by Fairuz (wrong link)
on top of hami tin bhai soundtrack (तिर्खा लागे निर्माया)
- Drawn from both sides

Second one: Feelings
Note: see Florina's drawing here.
 for the following exercise, we drew some feelings/ sensations

Freezing cold on a sunny day

FOMO: The Fear Of Missing Out (my friends have more fun that me now)

Drowning slowly with an increasing sense of panic (DSWISP)
And for teh DSWISP part, here are some more!
DISWIP with a BIG smile - but it was HIS IDEA
(and notice his colors, and teh colors he chose:)

DSWISP or a dark vase..

DSWISP or a sunset...

Post full-of-color, part 1

The is a saying in hebrew (though the translation is lame): Create your own teachers.
I recently did, I aquired two great teachers, one for touching colors, and one for touching the abstract.

Here are some works inspired by the first (I'll keep the second for nextime)..

A visit to St. Chapelle, with its color-filled stained glass windows.
A cold day, inside the remains of the church, with huge windows, I was looking for a huge quiet and free place, but wound up in a small crowded place with admission fees. 

In any case, the colors were stunning! 
I loved this photo, for the phisical presence of the paper.
Two markers at teh same hand.
And a sketch to finish off

Next Session, at the Cafeteria of Galerie Lafayette.
And this one truely surprised me... I let go the pencil and used just colors, and suddenly felt very Duffy-ish as the city-scape unravelled.

After doing the bottom half, I had to risk it, so I spilled random spots on top. I am really happy with this one!
Paris from the Galeries La Fayette cafeteria (we bought nothing!:)

Paris from the Galeries La Fayette rooftop (two weeks later)

Visiting La-Geode
At the bottom you can see two fellow drawers
Attempt to catch the trees reflecting
Catching sunrays outside a museum
Same sunrays, Same outside, drew two drawers drawing.

BabyFooting in chalk

See y'all!