Friday, April 26, 2013

Post full-of-color, part 1

The is a saying in hebrew (though the translation is lame): Create your own teachers.
I recently did, I aquired two great teachers, one for touching colors, and one for touching the abstract.

Here are some works inspired by the first (I'll keep the second for nextime)..

A visit to St. Chapelle, with its color-filled stained glass windows.
A cold day, inside the remains of the church, with huge windows, I was looking for a huge quiet and free place, but wound up in a small crowded place with admission fees. 

In any case, the colors were stunning! 
I loved this photo, for the phisical presence of the paper.
Two markers at teh same hand.
And a sketch to finish off

Next Session, at the Cafeteria of Galerie Lafayette.
And this one truely surprised me... I let go the pencil and used just colors, and suddenly felt very Duffy-ish as the city-scape unravelled.

After doing the bottom half, I had to risk it, so I spilled random spots on top. I am really happy with this one!
Paris from the Galeries La Fayette cafeteria (we bought nothing!:)

Paris from the Galeries La Fayette rooftop (two weeks later)

Visiting La-Geode
At the bottom you can see two fellow drawers
Attempt to catch the trees reflecting
Catching sunrays outside a museum
Same sunrays, Same outside, drew two drawers drawing.

BabyFooting in chalk

See y'all!



  1. I could stare at these ones for hours and not get enough. The first one is just something else, I always say it, but I must say it again and again, you have a unique style.....

    1. Golly-jeee, thx!
      It was quite a special occasion, wasn't it, and teh first one is teh first one I did with the large and landscapish notebook, it's kind'a playing with a new toy, it gets the best of you.


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