Sunday, December 20, 2015

Eye contact, I contact

Got back from an eye contact event in the Luxemburg garden.

What I got in my heart stays in my heart.

The drawings however are shareable.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Slow drawing of fast food

I have very strict opinions, which I often change...

I used to consider drawing with a tablet as cheating, but last few months I am converted.
The ease of changing materials, the screen-size constraint
The ability to draw white on black...
Here's to my first digital post!

I started looking at Mcdonald's paper bags and found them fascinating... 
The flat surfaces, a strong architectural statements.

My first drawing (in what turned out to be a series), the range of browns, with the texture of prints. the soft-bordered thick lines. and the thin yellow M.

Second one, I don't like this one, since black lines don't exist where I come from, still - I love to publish what I don't love. (and I do like the right side with the folds)

Now we're getting somewhere! I like the unbalanced structure, the thin writing on the flat surfaces, and the wrapped print. also repetitions... I like repetitions... (did I say that already?)

I love the next one... so many details to draw, the tear-out top, the small tear near the handle, the game of shadows, the detailed print...
The cup is just a bonus, shouldn't have drawn it, but now it is a part of the drawing.

I'm extremely proud of the next one...
Had a salad (who needs a knife for a salad?!) and spend 30 minutes (or closer to eternity...) of meditation drawing the knife and bag, destroying all beliefs aside and simply looking.
Reflections (unlike shadows) dance oh-so-quickly when you move your head. that you have to treat them as pixies... look at them from the side of your eye...

The big one is too transparent, but the rest are very interesting, especially the Black&White, which brings me to...

...This one. the perfect abstraction!
I am so happy with it, that it closed my need to draw bags for a while. 

Another attempt in fork&knife drawing, 
Thistime, beforeIeat mysalad.

Though I like this one, I've learnt that I shouldn't draw a pattern unless I am patient enough to deal with it... 
Lots of things I don't like here, but the multi-colors of the reflections compensate for it all...

And two last ones... 
A ball of fruit in Romania:

And a very significant (lifechanger? I guess I'll have to wait and see...) takeaway lunch, closer to home.

- As always, till nextime!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Wall flowers

Had a wall covering frenzy today,
Feels oh so good.

@ the Medici

A trace from my adopted big-sister

Sigh, I'll miss ya!

Me and the boy

Dunno who did it, but a glorious beginning!

Ninja soldier to Hyden & Coltrain

Go home, I gotta sleep-some.
Till nextime!