Monday, May 14, 2012

This year's model (They call her Natasha, but she looks like Elsie)

Some studies from a model session last weekend...

Was the end-of-year expo at the de la Grande Chaumière, and since I took a drawing session there, I had my sketchbook displayed.
I didn't come prepared, to draw, but apparently there were model sessions all day (got no answer for last week's question...) so I took my sketchbook, borrowed some color pencils (and loaned my thick graphite one in exchange) and joined a session of movement and short pose drawing.

Movin thru Jobim and a thick pencil
3Stand 3Lay 3Strech

Moving on a wireframe
R&B bossanova
R&B segment1
R&B segment2
R&B segment3
R&B segment4
R&B segment5
Red(hm) & Blues left to right
Swear There was a dancer here,
But all that's left is a psycho chicken...
Blue to red top to bottom
Till nextime!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The great curve

Thanks to a drawin-blogger-buddy I went last year to a modeling session

Below is last years model

Oh, an been thinking some about why the traditional drawing subject is nude women (beside the obvious reason that the traditional drawing person is a dressed-up man...)
would like to hear your thoughts!