Monday, May 14, 2012

This year's model (They call her Natasha, but she looks like Elsie)

Some studies from a model session last weekend...

Was the end-of-year expo at the de la Grande Chaumière, and since I took a drawing session there, I had my sketchbook displayed.
I didn't come prepared, to draw, but apparently there were model sessions all day (got no answer for last week's question...) so I took my sketchbook, borrowed some color pencils (and loaned my thick graphite one in exchange) and joined a session of movement and short pose drawing.

Movin thru Jobim and a thick pencil
3Stand 3Lay 3Strech

Moving on a wireframe
R&B bossanova
R&B segment1
R&B segment2
R&B segment3
R&B segment4
R&B segment5
Red(hm) & Blues left to right
Swear There was a dancer here,
But all that's left is a psycho chicken...
Blue to red top to bottom
Till nextime!

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  1. I love all the movement in these! How fun that you got to do this. At the center where I did life drawing at home, there was a regular class called the "Drawing Circus" where there was always music and lights, and a model in motion, wearing costume. I never went (the schedule never worked out for me) but I was always curious!

    I'm planning to go to the Grande Chaumière sometime this week. :) Not sure which day though.


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