Saturday, September 17, 2011

No comments, yer honnor!

As I said several times, I am eagerly waiting for comments here.
Talking to several readers, it turns out comment submission is not a trivial technical task, 
So, in an effort to help you override your technical barrier, this post is a comments-submission tutorial.
Enjoy, (and send me comments! :-)

Step A: 
Below the post and the dotted lines, there is a section reading "X Comments" with lots of funny looking icons (facebook, gmail, etc.). 
1. Press the "X Comments" Link.
2. Wait for the next screen.

Step B:
You will see all the previous comments (if any) followed by 
    - a title "Post Comment"
    - a text box.
    - "comment as" box
    - "post comment" button
    - "preview" button
1. Write your comment in the text box.
2. Select "Anonymous" in the "comment as" box.
3a. To post the comment immediately, press the "post comment" button.
3b. To view your comment before posting, press the "preview" button, and press the "post comment" button right after seeing it (or change your comment)

Step C:
You will receive a message such as "your comment was submitted, and will be posted after approval" or the sorts.

Till nextime...



  1. great!
    it shows a great amount of ambition
    nice of you to take the time and do the effort for us. no doubt you deserve more comments.

  2. I've tried to get myself a name, but in vain.
    From now on - only Anonymous!
    (Please don't confuse me with these hackers I have a huge respect for).

    Your truly,
    :-) (this is the white cardboard mask of Anonymous)

  3. I hate comments. Hope you have nothing to say about that.

  4. One by one

    - Thanx anonymous,

    - Anonymous, don't be afraid,I am not confused, but getting a name is not that hard, sometimes loosing it is the hard part, (though I see you managed this as well)
    - And anonymous- your spirit gives away your anonymity, but I'll keep it with mine, and thanks for wishing me a clear mind.


  5. I decided now to give a comment to each blog's article after I read it... Everybody should do this... This is like saying hello or goodbye... Being polite 2.0


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