Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another peek at the barrel, (part 2)

Not much text this time. but two new guitar things...

Slanted paris or me

Waiting room

Outlaw lunch room

Waitin on a train



  1. outlaw lunch room hee hee hee, it reminds me of something

  2. Outlaw lunch room , its like cyber space , junck. In a good sence . Greate guitar things made my morning

  3. It is not "Black or White" there are intermediate states, I mean you can both be slanted: Paris and U. (Zvi)

  4. - Hey Mangled, I think it is the same something. how does it feel to be an outlaw?)

    - Master H: the outlaw was in phisical space, junk is all over, and as for the guitar - I often think specifically of you when I do these, since I think you are one of the few who sees in em what I try to put in em (for anyone else reading this - drop me a note if you find em too :-)

    - Master Z: That's EXACTLY why I tried to be precise - it is Paris or me, but for sure not both!

  5. I'll take 1 and 3 to take away. The first one because I remember seeing Paris this way a few times, walking home ar night after a few Perriers. Also for the brushlike lines. Is that graphite still ? Or Pentel ? I can see you trying out Pentel.
    And 3 for the great perspective from on of the cabins of the Lost Spaceship.

    As for the guitar, when do we see you drawn with her on your knees ? Or is that too intimate ?

  6. One by one...
    Graphite , fer sure. what's the Pentel stuff you mentioned? used a stub of graphite-only pencil, maybe even one that I broke off yers

    By "like this" I guess you mean slanted and not b&w, right? is tap water risky too?

    Spaceship or not, "lost " is a matter of point of view, so being the one who chose it, I take full responsibility (and quit? )

    And, finally, for the guitar thingis, sure, why not, name the time place and tune, the only part of your question I don't understand is "too intimate "... (And I don't really think of it as a she, do you put gender on your pencil?)

    two last notes:
    - if none of my responses makes any sense, you can blame the perriers I had 2day @ my new job and the nightly commute system
    - bravo/ thanks for your slanted (toward orthogonal ) comments!


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