Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Barrel Scraping, part 1.

In the unforgettable scene in Blade-runner, I am sure Batty said "Time, need more time" as he pierced his palm with a rusty nail, but alas, could'n find the quote in IMDB, and don't have the time to search elsewhere.
All this to say, though sketch I do, I have no time to scan, so going back and looking for some scanned stuff I thought I'd make a theme with, here is a some-of-this some-of-that version of Take5 (no time for the 2...)
Rose asleep
One of the drawings I love most, a little girl of our dear dear friends had a sleepover. I know it is hard to see but she is there in between the smudges, along with her blanket, dreams and teddy...

We're jammin
Our kid's Circus teacher (yup...) invited us to a reggae concert by his band, first time I drew while dancing (but not the last), meant to keep it to a future music post, but (as they say in these regions) - viola!

Close-eyed and painless
A long long time ago, in another planet called India, I had some time off (or perhaps it was just the clock that stopped ticking for a week), as a drawing meditation, I tried looking real hard, breathing all the image I could absorb, and than holding my eye's breath, and putting it all on paper with my eyes widely-shut.

Never going back to my old school
Getting back to the almost present, a tiny while back I was invited to an 8th grade class reunion. Was too far away and (as mentioned...) no time, but I had an idea for a project: take an empty photo album and fill it with drawings of photos. 
Didn't get past the second page, but it is a fascinating process, since the further you go, the more you are at risk of ruining the drawings on the same page. anyway - based on a photo by a great photographer that apparently was in a parallel class, I drew the back of my classroom (that turned out to be another building altogether, goes to show you how fickle memory is...)

Shut-eyed and trainless

Time... need more.....   time.
And finally, as you may know, I joined a metro-sketchers community (delignesenligne - translated perhaps to lines on line), and though, as some clown once told me, drawing sleeping people is not fair, I like drawing them anyway.
These are two rejects.
The guy may have had narcolepsy, he sat in front of me, and suddenly dropped into deep sleep in a sec. The gal was just trying not to let the daylight creep in before it is absolutely necessary.

So there you go, an Italian reader I know said she likes the stories so I blabbered a lot this time.

Drop me a line (or a composition of a few)

OMG! it is past midnite! the monitor is turning into a pumpkin!!!



  1. Did you know they're remaking BladeRunner?

  2. As far as I care they can make it a 3D 3hour trilogy with a total script rewrite (or a musical), this film had such a great impact on my life in such a precise moment that I didn't even bother seeing the director's cut...

  3. I agree with you. Love the first drawing : a great and really not easy riddle!

  4. Thx meri,
    just to precise, when I drew it I didn't mean it as a riddle (I still don't).
    As we talked ann overtalked time and time again, I am fascinated by the border between the symbol and the real object, by testing the strategis and paths the mind-eye uses to extract meaning from the sanses-delivered chaos of reality , and to fixate reality once it finds it.
    Funny enough, when I proudly gave the drawing to our friends, I was totally surprised they didn't see their daughter (or anythingelse) in it.
    But, as Bobby the D said - "I was so much older than, I'm younger than that now"

  5. don't know about any blade-runner-personnage, but Goethe's last words were "light, more light". he wasn't stabbing himself, i imagine, but he did die minutes later.
    i love the Nathaniel's concert drawing. it's lively and lovely, strong and light on the same time. and a great evening it was :)

  6. Indeed a great evening it was, but alas one that belonged to a different era...


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