Sunday, November 3, 2013

Last I saw Lou Reed

Been a long time since I wrote.

Most of the times I try to find a title that will amuse me, this one is an exception.

Last time I saw the Velvet-Underground was today, while driving home I put the VU double live (titled live MCMXCIII), and saw them all, saw how Lou Reed can't help but sing around the music and rhythm of Venus in furs , how Maureen Tucker bears her big soul in her small voice singing After hours, how John Cale's waits so much till dropping his huge voice in All tomorrow's parties (Ok, I didn't see Sterling Morrison..., but did see Nico...)
And the love-hate energy of Lou-John, no doubt who leads the show, no doubt where is the fight, the huge love-hate relationship, but I guess I was really just driving and imagining...

And I really saw Lou Reed twice, both times were in Paris, both times I came for Laurie, and I guess he did too.

First time, a double concert of Lou and Laurie with a surprize guest - John Zorn, from which I remember their Pale Blue Eyes version, he was heavy, tired, and had an unforgettable presence of the real Godfather of all music that made me in my youth.

Second time, this year, an intimate evening with Laurie Anderson, where he turned up, assisted to stage to read a half hour long Eulogy for his college professor - Delmore Schwarts.

The evening before, the Laurie Anderson performance started with a beautiful violin, disturbed by horrible static noise, she smiled, apologised to the audience, and said she will fix it and restart in a minute, 

When he read his poem on that evening, the pages were mixed, and lord, was he angry... shouted at the poor I-don't-remember-who who was responsible that his papers are not in the right order, and left in rage, only to come back ten minutes later after the poem was reprinted, 
I remember the sense of urgency in his reading, and in Laurie's performance and talk, and I knew it is the last chance to see him.

Compassion and anger, that's what the two brought, both exact and strong.

I made two drawings of him reading, in the dark, while listening to him, accompanies by teh most delicate sounds by Laurie, while he read the Eulogie.

Can't find teh drawings now, will attache them when I do, 

I know he won't read it, and neither will she, but just wanted to say my private goodbye,

Monday, June 17, 2013

Medici Meditation

We went to the Medici fountain today.

Staring at the still water is good for you, they say.

Here is what I brought back...
Drawing on a wet napkin

Drawing a chair, till it was taken

Than another chair

A couple talking (believe me)
A tree
Drawing with Nathalie

Drawing the other-side people

Drawing on prepared paper

katherine's Aquarell

And This time I brought some photos

This one give me a real sense of vertigo

Till Nextime!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Blinded by the light, transferred by the metro

Went to a bigbig expo about light & art the past century.
Felice Verini, draws geometrical shapes in urban environment

Relaxing in front of a non noisy mobile

Two ventilators keeping a ring of film moving on teh wall

A neon installation (there were lots)

Me warped in a mirror room

A Calder room with tired guards
Reflecting in a deformed mirror again.

And other stuff:

Luxemburg garden

A couple sitting on a bench, drawn in collaboration with a samba dancer.

Metro on the way home.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sleeping at the Pasteur Metro

I was in a rush from somewhere to somewhere, and then saw this guy sleeping beside the chairs in the Metro station.
It looked so graphic, the black leather and pants with the white hands tucked in between his legs for warmth, alongside the white teeth of the chairs in the black mouth of the huge ad.
His horizontal position vs. the chairs that invite a vertical one.

While I drew him, I had to take long breaths, since Metros passed in both directions between us.

No one sat on the chairs while he was there.

A security guard gently woke him up, and left, he woke up, opened his eyes, looked around, lay in the same position for two more minutes, and left (there was a Metro passing, I didn't see where he want).

When he disappeared, the newly-arriving passengers sat in the chairs...