Friday, May 17, 2013

Blinded by the light, transferred by the metro

Went to a bigbig expo about light & art the past century.
Felice Verini, draws geometrical shapes in urban environment

Relaxing in front of a non noisy mobile

Two ventilators keeping a ring of film moving on teh wall

A neon installation (there were lots)

Me warped in a mirror room

A Calder room with tired guards
Reflecting in a deformed mirror again.

And other stuff:

Luxemburg garden

A couple sitting on a bench, drawn in collaboration with a samba dancer.

Metro on the way home.


  1. Love it, especially Metro and Luxembourg garden!

  2. I love them all, but my favorite one is the ventilators , I don't know, just a few lines but so efficient...........

  3. Sorry for the photo quality, if I'll have time I'll make it better.
    - Vikke, interesting, I added them as a dessert, they were not teh main course :)
    - Florina, for the ventilators, what interested me is whether drawing two sets of circles with two different focal points can catch the visual of the fans. the piece itself was very interesting - a closed ribbon that is kept attached to the wall by two moving fans.

  4. It is good to visit your blog again and see your drawings. so many memories captured with so many drawing lines. Thank you for sharing and keep creative


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