Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Book ends

Today, while cleaning the drawers, I ran by a time capsule from the last century... 
1998 to be exact.

(and a technical reminder - you can click on a drawing to zoom)

Last day of the vacation, tomorrow is back to work after two weeks of vacation.
Rinat's asleep, I gotta get out.
Waking her up gently to tell her I'm gone, taking the sketchbook - I didn't draw during the whole vacation, though this is the therapy I planned.
On the exit from Ayalon there is a corner of the Yarkon that always looks appealing. 
Lots of people in different stages of BBQ, draw them? maybe something in a Biderman style? 
I take a chair from the car, it is already twilight-time and a eucalyptus is hard to draw, where do I find a starting point? 
Also, I am so rusty, and a pen drawing requires so many lines...
Two birds landed on the trees in the background, I draw them a second before going back home.
Tomorrow is a working day.

Didn't draw in a long while, and the candle, it isn't clear how it is built, with a dent around. 
And Rinat is saying - how will you deal with it? so I try. 
So many layers of darkness, and I have no shading experience, it all becomes too dark, and all of it is just so I catch a glimpse of a lighter shade at the candle's corners. and again the question - what do I do with the background?
At my last birthday, two weeks ago it was? - Rinat surprised me with a house full of candles, and all the walls shook in the candle lights.

All I wanted is to draw the chain, but things continue. this is part of the chain that holds our bed, People think - Chain in the bed, who knows what they do with it. and I think - where is the stitch between a drawing and a word, for instance - why do I guard the borders of the lines I drew, and why not draw over them, ignore them, intertwine in them, and what is the meaning of it?
Not that I think of 'art stuff' - but I wonder where are the limits of the symbol - a drawing is still a symbol, though an abstract one.
And all of this before I turn off the light and go to sleep.

A Raymond Carver book
A  broken tooth - but the mouth is closed.
Rinat listens to the radio.

Flowers on the table
I bought flowers that look like a bush

Friday, July 22, 2011

A hard rain's night

After the last post, I was challenged to a new idea - animate a music piece.
Taking the video of Ella Fitzgerald singing Stormy weather, and Joe Pass on guitar, I started sketching last night.

The first 11 sketches are below, let me know what you think...

And the workinprogress is below:

From Dov - stormy weather sketches

Monday, July 11, 2011

Andy's Banana Republic (for certain not anarchy...)

This week, to celebrate the end-of-year (there is always a year's end, if you define things right), and life in general, I went to a concert - a Velvet underground tribute. Performed by fragments of Air, Supergrass and Radiohead along with some soap&skin.
The noise level was just right (au point?), but for the risk level could be higher... sigh...

If any of you wants a risky banana record interpertation - you can find one by the Beck record club right here.

As for the concert report - there she goes...