Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Book ends

Today, while cleaning the drawers, I ran by a time capsule from the last century... 
1998 to be exact.

(and a technical reminder - you can click on a drawing to zoom)

Last day of the vacation, tomorrow is back to work after two weeks of vacation.
Rinat's asleep, I gotta get out.
Waking her up gently to tell her I'm gone, taking the sketchbook - I didn't draw during the whole vacation, though this is the therapy I planned.
On the exit from Ayalon there is a corner of the Yarkon that always looks appealing. 
Lots of people in different stages of BBQ, draw them? maybe something in a Biderman style? 
I take a chair from the car, it is already twilight-time and a eucalyptus is hard to draw, where do I find a starting point? 
Also, I am so rusty, and a pen drawing requires so many lines...
Two birds landed on the trees in the background, I draw them a second before going back home.
Tomorrow is a working day.

Didn't draw in a long while, and the candle, it isn't clear how it is built, with a dent around. 
And Rinat is saying - how will you deal with it? so I try. 
So many layers of darkness, and I have no shading experience, it all becomes too dark, and all of it is just so I catch a glimpse of a lighter shade at the candle's corners. and again the question - what do I do with the background?
At my last birthday, two weeks ago it was? - Rinat surprised me with a house full of candles, and all the walls shook in the candle lights.

All I wanted is to draw the chain, but things continue. this is part of the chain that holds our bed, People think - Chain in the bed, who knows what they do with it. and I think - where is the stitch between a drawing and a word, for instance - why do I guard the borders of the lines I drew, and why not draw over them, ignore them, intertwine in them, and what is the meaning of it?
Not that I think of 'art stuff' - but I wonder where are the limits of the symbol - a drawing is still a symbol, though an abstract one.
And all of this before I turn off the light and go to sleep.

A Raymond Carver book
A  broken tooth - but the mouth is closed.
Rinat listens to the radio.

Flowers on the table
I bought flowers that look like a bush


  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2011

    c'est trop chouette de pourvoir lire tes.. dessins :) j'aime bien ce mélange de mots et traits
    de journal intime d'il y a longtemps
    encore encore
    עוד עוד
    יעל של הדרום

  2. AnonymousJuly 26, 2011

    ואיפה אני הייתי בשנים הללו? בתחילת פריז שלי ושל יורי... בלגשש עולמות בין בגט לקממברט, בין ללמוד או ללמד, בין להתגעגע ללהיות, בין לאהוב ולהתכווץ. שם אני הייתי. ממזמן. בשנת 1998

  3. Drawings with words are my favorite things, like melanzane alla parmigiana, blue skies and Brazilian music

  4. Those are precious traces. And to the non-Hebrew speaker, the letters themselves are maybe experienced even more as a graphical matter. This is the kind of book I want not only to read, but to sit on my lap and to nap on my bookshelves, catch my eye from time to time and take me in a voyage in time and space and in another crazy human being's world. All that while sipping a caipirinha, under the fresh fan moved by the gracious arms of a Brazilian goddess.

    Well for now, I'll just have a coffee break I guess...

  5. Wow, I love these -- I am always particularly happy about sketches with words next to them, and these are very nice. So different from your style now, but both are great. :)


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