Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Flying Colors

Dedicated to the late great Dennis Potter, half of this post is published in this blog (call it the right side of my brain), while the other is published in the competing blog (left side, etc.)

The two posts are independent, but inseparable.

When I created this Blog (seems like ages), I was craving for visitors, for people who will take my stuff and play with it, send me the result, I'll publish them, etc.

The guests are here! the room is flooded! enjoy!

A word or two of explanation;
- What you are about to see is a group exhibition, a collaborative work.
In fact, the word 'work' is tricky in two senses:
  • It is not work as opposed to play.
  • Unfortunately, I can't show you the work, I can only photograph the result on paper, so, as much as I want to say nothing, I'll put a touch of comments on some photos to explain the work. but since I don't know all of the process (see a previous post where I tried to observe my process, there are too much things to note...) please acknowledge this is a tip of an iceberg.

collaborative - lines by one, shades by other.

just told her: add some triangles

Porcelain vision

Porcelain vision II



Note to myself: remember documenting process!

Greens first by one, Blues second by other

A muse-ing

Collaborative lines on top of colors


Who moved my aquarells?

Greens by ones, than Blues by other!


Compassionate vision



Meet the group...
Perhaps the process shows here.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Blabbering elsewhere

This time, the post is about my recent experience leading a group of Free-Drawing.
Lots of words, no drawings.
It is in my other blog: The Scrum'em Bear.

Till nextime!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Amazing firsts (a guest post)

My friend Katherine shared some photos with me.
It is a fragment of a fascinating lifetime (and a journal) I was delighted to hear (and see)
Below is her (very short) description:

I've taught art in a remote, rural school in Bududa, Uganda; where, with no water, paints or art teacher, it was a first! 
The kids jumped right in - along with some chickens and villagers - and loved it.  Their zany, colorful work was a joy! I left them with a school exhibit and, to my horror, when I returned the next year, they said the director had thrown them all out! 

I find lots of these amazing, and it is hard to believe they are first time.
Even though there are much more than usual, I suggest you take the time to look at them one by one, see the symmetry,  the facial expressions, The black and whites, the colors, and mainly (since I adore the process...) look at the kid's expressions (especially when not looking at the camera). 
Hope you enjoy it at least half as much as I do.
Till nextime!
(and I put some of my thoughts as titles, ignore them, if you like, they are not part of Katherine's story, but my reflections)

Amazing graceful postures! 

Blue cow under green sun
(and see how the grass it eats gets mixed in its belly)

Snake in the grass?

Pink teacher? yellow student?

See the drawings on the floor, see the light source, are they allowed to get the tables dirty?

See the symmetry, the paper was folded in two. 

The smile on the left is well worth the effort.

Sitting on a zebra?

What'cha hidin behind yer back?

Sad stare

This guy looks familiar

Is she pregnant?

Holy cow! look at the legs, back, The red pink and black spots, and the blue horns.

I've heard of big bugs, but this is ridiculous

This must be the teacher

This is not an umbrella

This is not a leaf

Definitely a shirt.

Triangular sunset

Some look at their work, some at other's

Half white, half gray face.