Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Flying Colors

Dedicated to the late great Dennis Potter, half of this post is published in this blog (call it the right side of my brain), while the other is published in the competing blog (left side, etc.)

The two posts are independent, but inseparable.

When I created this Blog (seems like ages), I was craving for visitors, for people who will take my stuff and play with it, send me the result, I'll publish them, etc.

The guests are here! the room is flooded! enjoy!

A word or two of explanation;
- What you are about to see is a group exhibition, a collaborative work.
In fact, the word 'work' is tricky in two senses:
  • It is not work as opposed to play.
  • Unfortunately, I can't show you the work, I can only photograph the result on paper, so, as much as I want to say nothing, I'll put a touch of comments on some photos to explain the work. but since I don't know all of the process (see a previous post where I tried to observe my process, there are too much things to note...) please acknowledge this is a tip of an iceberg.

collaborative - lines by one, shades by other.

just told her: add some triangles

Porcelain vision

Porcelain vision II



Note to myself: remember documenting process!

Greens first by one, Blues second by other

A muse-ing

Collaborative lines on top of colors


Who moved my aquarells?

Greens by ones, than Blues by other!


Compassionate vision



Meet the group...
Perhaps the process shows here.


  1. Eize more mezujan !
    ZEVA !!!!!! Mitgaagat meod !

  2. Hey Adam,
    Your lovely wife is a old time visitor I cherish!

    Give her all my love.

  3. These wonderful pics look like the ones engraved in our memories.
    Thanks to all of you,
    Admiration to Dufy!

  4. Amazing. You can actually see two different personalities in most of them.

  5. Impressing...


  6. Dov!

    We are flying thanks to you! First in black and white and now with colors! Your innovative art community is a gift!

    I remember when you said "If you want to learn how to draw go to X's class. If you want to know how to be creative and draw from inside yourself, stay with us."
    Thanks for showing us that art, like life, is a constant kaleidoscopic surprise and for making sure that we have fun and believe in ourselves.


  7. הי דובי, איזו צבעוניות איזה כייף.
    התהליך כובש והצבעים כל כך חיים ושמחים.

  8. Hadar - enjoy mate!

    Thanks Achoti, Neshikot!

    Johnbi, Thanks for the contribution :)

    Igor - I adore your sharp eye (the two of them)

    Katherine - don't expect too much, pleeze! (Already counting on you for the next-next)
    & dear, dear Katherine, everyone has his/ her approach, I adore others, and each group is different. I hope I never said "go to..." OR stay.
    It is great to learn technique (talk to Scott, among others) I just try a different path.
    - And don't ever change! (now, change!)

  9. Efrat?! dis yer handwriting?
    Big hugs from faraway!

  10. Amazing!

    I especially liked the Pair Painting idea.
    You obviousely have something good going on..

  11. Avi - In fact Mari wanted to do a threesom-painting, but changed her mind last minute (or just didn't get to it)

  12. you are doing great thing now which is so inspiring even to me and probalby for so many people around you. Brilliant!!! I like the way how you express yourself in your sketches and art. huge greetings.

    1. Aga dear,
      Thanxalot, you make me blush a bit :)
      I truly enjoy the process we do, the superlatives you sprinkled make me a bit uneasy, but I'll accept them, since they came from you.
      What did you mean "even to me"?
      - And when you are in Paris, visit us, will ya?

  13. Sorry if I made you feel ' abit uneasy'. When I see or experience something nice I like to let that person know that he or she had some nice or inspiring inpact on me. Also sorry if I did not express myself clearly with my thoughts. When I wrote ' even to me' I was thinking that is great to see through your blog and other blogs how creative people are. And even if I do not participate in your art group I can be still inspired by looking at art which you post.
    When am I in Paris? that is a good question. Take care :)

  14. very nice! every time i see your posts i feel like i want to go paint myself right away.
    then i switch to something else and... till the next time. :)


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