Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tel Aviv downtown, downtown Tel Aviv

Was in a concert by Rona again in Tel Aviv,
Was awesome!

With Shlomi Shaban

With Izhar Ashdot

With Barry Sacharof (YEAH!!!)

Till Nextime

Departing dads, Sleeping dads

Last week I attended a funeral of a father of a close friend, who was at times like my own,
I made two drawing from his photos...

And two drawings of my sleeping dad...


Till nextime.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Stainless steel porcelain - Israeli magic in Paris

Yesterday evening I saw Rona Kenan in Paris.

I adore her presence, but never see her live, so I decided not to draw this time,

The place was standing only, which set me vibrating - I have place to move! I gotta draw!!
Since I had no materials I asked the place for some paper, all they had was a fanzine, so be it...
Than I remembered I adopted an art auction catalog from a doctor's office...

She was wonderful, greatly supported by the fantastic Eran Weitz, who (just like Joe Pass and Ella) was a great support and managed to contain and complete her.

More concert details: here

This is my attempt to catch yesterday's wind in a bag.

A few notes:
- There was Paco Ibanies as well for two songs!
- Some drawings are bi-colored - I drew them with both hands same time.

Till Nextime!

Yer bear.