Monday, July 11, 2011

Andy's Banana Republic (for certain not anarchy...)

This week, to celebrate the end-of-year (there is always a year's end, if you define things right), and life in general, I went to a concert - a Velvet underground tribute. Performed by fragments of Air, Supergrass and Radiohead along with some soap&skin.
The noise level was just right (au point?), but for the risk level could be higher... sigh...

If any of you wants a risky banana record interpertation - you can find one by the Beck record club right here.

As for the concert report - there she goes...

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  1. this is quite a bit moving, draughtsbear. with your mastery of sword drawing, why you could perhaps draw series of fast drawing of the same scene...and turns them into a small animation. a frantic vibration of lines that would go along the improvised tune.


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