Thursday, March 7, 2013


About two weeks ago I saw a french play by MoliereLe Bourgeois gentilhomme
An incredible theater in Versailles, by a company that is super professional.
I had the fortune to sit front-raw center.

As entertaining as it is, hearing Moliere French after a long day's work is not a trivial thing for me.
But lady luck was cruel to the players to leave a sketchpad and some drawing material in my bag, so I passed the evening sketching.

The experience is a bit like hearing great jazz musicians performing standards you don't know, you enjoy their joy and craftsmanship, even though the actual words are sometimes wasted on you.

Later, talking to the group's manager, he said they were wandering was I was doing there, and that luckily it was an easy play, so they were amused.

Nextime I'll restrain myself, still, here is this time's booty...



  1. It's beutiful,
    and what's more beutiful is that you do these kinds of things.

    Someone should sketch you sketching... Reflections

    1. JDI, But who will sketch that someone?

    2. That's what you should do with your group sometime -- A sketches B sketches C sketches D sketches E sketches A. ;)

    3. lastime we did stuff that's more powerful, details to follow... :)

  2. Fantastic, especially the figures and faces.

  3. Mayonnaise, ketchup, harissa: it's all there. et j'aime ça

  4. so expressive and flowing and enjoyable. thanks for sharing


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