Friday, November 11, 2011

Learning to crawl




  1. You're gonna fly!
    In fact, you already are flying, only low down.
    But you're taking off.


  2. I'm taking off indeed, the goal is not learning to fly though, it is learning to walk,
    And BTW - the G1 and G2 titles are the followups to the last Ground-0 post.


  3. I think it's the best blog that I've see any time

    Lena Fisher

  4. Whoa..look at all the ANONYMOUS?
    What's the big deal?
    Learning how to crawl is pretty natural.
    Unless the legs have been cut off and used for experimentauons or skin grafts for business.
    I mean, you have a CAPTAIN CRAWL, no?
    And you really have a CAPTAIN BLOOD.
    So what we're thinking here is a DESPERATION in DESCA with DISATEDA !
    And that's TEXAS- " BA- BY".
    YALSING now, with HITURAT!
    And you got them shakes with FREAKSB!
    And you got that DESSESSE with BILLY BOO 222 and SAHARA RED 22!
    And now that MP3 hitting DEDOONV!
    Which means, as you all well know, BUNN- BUNN 5.
    " Learning to crawl".

  5. Wow, wow! Michelle, hold yer horses! (assuming you use that technology...)
    I started blogging in drawing and music to descend words, and now I get bombarded with post-punk (what I can only assume to be a ) Torontean jargon...
    I don't understand half of what you read (disclaimer: this doesn't mean I understood the other half)
    Anyway - thanks for the response! as a music fan, see my Velvet-underground post,

    Learning to crawl is a "pretenders" record I had (which indicates we don't belong to the same era :)
    The bear.


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