Monday, May 9, 2011

Haifa Haifa (and one holy J)

Haifa getting ready for sunset.

Kids play.


A tangled-up one-liner.

While visiting our Haifa soul-buddies, I seized the chance to draw a 3ptich of their window-view (A homage to a work by the inspiring O. I used to work with),
*As Shir taught me - make your black by mixing complementary colors.

And just one of the Holy J. 
(I wanted soo much to draw the old-city market, but there were only 24H that D.)


  1. Every city you draw changes you (your style, your hand, whatever).
    And your Holy J. looks much worse than in reality. It's not THAT bad. Really. Next time spend more time here :)

  2. A city has its own personality, you give me way too much credit, my good man.
    But I admit it is a drawing of one of the Blechsier corners of the J-ville.
    As for nextime, OK, OK, poitaken! don't shouthat hard!


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