Monday, May 23, 2011

The hidden exhibition.

On the last visit to Israel, I had the fortune to create my own exhibition in the Kibutz library.

Most of the drawings are done on kibutz leftovers (pieces of wood, a window, a mosquito-net, etc.)

Have a look...

Scraps and new neighborhood, acrilic on glass (daytime)


Cylo tryptic, acrylic on formaica

Cylo -detail

Museum at sunset, oil on mosquito net

Shelter, pencil and tip-x on wood.

4 x Kibutz entry

Zrifim - Old huts. white acrylic on black wood

around a carousel black acrylic on formaica

General view

Night parking. cereal box

Chadar Ochel, Kanteen window. Kanteen tray (taken with permission :-)

Library - two drawers

Sunrise, tip-ex and pen on palm bark

Carousel, pastels on metal

Kibuts Exit, Pencil on paper

Tel Asafi, Tip-ex and pencil on bone


General view

Sunset thru sunscreen. pen on wood

Neighbor's house. pencil and tip-ex on wood

Guest book


  1. AnonymousMay 24, 2011

    vraiment riche tout ça! cette expo écolo de recup. tu dessine sur tout ce qui bouge et ne bouge pas... rigolo! je suis impressionnée pas la quantité. quelle créativité! wawoo! j'aime vraiment bien !
    yael darom

  2. Ah! at last I found it! There was a sign saying "kibb outz" but I ignored it and did well.

    Bearman, you should be on the Israeli equivalent of this (excellent) exhibition in the Netherlands.

  3. AnonymousMay 31, 2011

    Simply amazing . Hadar

  4. Thanks for dropping by, glad you enjoyed the expo!


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