Friday, June 3, 2011

A cup of coffee and BSides

You know how a tune sometimes sticks to your brain, right? it may be one you didn't hear in years, but suddenly something clicks...

Well, years ago, a dear dear friend of mine (I'm still waitin..) introduced me to Gary Larson, and ever since I get from time to time the itch to see a sketch he made.

Lately it is this one:

(click it to see the full one)

This post is about a cup of coffee with some details, followed by some odds and ends.

hope you enjoy!

The full empty cup.

A spoonful of sugar

In China

Building in a plate

B in a P

A Mumin?

Table corner

Across the coffee table

Rose asleep

Local Reggea (Music post preview...)

reply to a fellow blogger

St Nom - Night train station

David S.


  1. I was there! I saw that cup coming to life! So many things one can read in coffee...

    And musicwise bravo to both bear and cub for what's for sure the coming summer's hit.

  2. Thx, the cub is not not mine, it is my wife's brother's daughter (I am sure there is a name for it, but my mind is a blank...) I just edited it with a sound edit SW called audacity (always amusing to find new tools)


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