Sunday, June 19, 2011

One more peek at the museum

Some working class heroism

Couldn't help myself, a quick second round with sketches of some more masterpieces, 
This time Picasso, Matisse, and not one, not two, but Three Venus de Milo!.

When a painting is lent, a note is put in its place.

And, as promised, the Venus de Milo sisters, all drawn by the same family. (I adore this series)

And to finish off, something about life and death:
A statue of the fish carying the spirits to the death world (from the Oceanic collection of the Quai Branly museum)
And just for the context, This is a big black wooden fish, the skull is put in its belly, and there is a man (whom I didn't draw) holding the fishe's mouth firmly shut, while the mouth penetrates it's back. (hope the picture below makes it clearer...)

A sunrise or a sunset?


  1. AnonymousJune 20, 2011

    Loved them all!
    The signatures are very life-like.

    The description of the Oceanic fish is a bit vague - who's penetrating whom.

    Technical: I can't see embedded players.


  2. Thank Igor the Anonymous.

    In fact when I was making them a guide passed by and asked me if it is not considered a foregery (I thought she is the one who should know).

    The oceanic fish: I'll update the blog with a sketch of the man, so you'll see (or add athousand words)

    Embedded players: adding an embedded player is a royal pain, I almost finished a javascript that will generate them automatically, (as I did for the image size that now doesn't surpass the page size).

    Yer Bear.

  3. AnonymousJune 20, 2011

    Great drawings. I like your free line drawings.

  4. Great it is, and more we want! Alors?!

  5. The fish is in the quai Branly or are there more fishes like that in Paris?

  6. Don't know how many there are in Paris, but this one is was indeed caught at the quai.

  7. C'est vraiment bien.


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