Saturday, April 14, 2012

Evbody's got somethin to hide (xept me and my monkeys)

Feel sometimes everybody around you got something to hide?
Been baking a sunnyside-down post, with more BlackNWhites,
But than ran into a bunch of watercolor monkeys (who was it who said every cloud has a watercolored monkey lining?)

A while ago, at a big big zoo, the boy and the girl needed a rest from eachother, so I sat with him on the bench and we watched the monkeys for a while...

(I put them too large, I know, but I like it that way... :-)

And, since I liked the colors, I monkeyed around some with them...

Till nextime!


  1. Love your mokeysu have to hide them for a while just in case...u know

  2. Niritosan, So greato get yer comments! monkisses to all!

  3. Cute monkeys! Very alive and colorful. We can now see some monkeys from our window. Come over and draw them!

  4. Looking at all those monkeys, I do feel one of them. I am a monkey, among its brothers and sisters, a happy monkey in a world of free bananas and oranges, a monkey that will certainly not make the mistake of climbing down that tree and start standing upright. That would be wrong. An hilarious monkey who sees the coloors of life, a monkey under ecstasy. Uh-Ah

  5. Very nice I like the colors. Thanks for sharing.


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