Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)

Been doing a lot of drawing lately, but a textual post this time, SVP.

As the end of the world approaches, along with tectonic movements in my close vicinity, here are some lessons learnt in the past year.

Teaching is the best way to learn. 
The more time passes, the more I appreciate the gift I got from my teachers, be it Naomi for Tai Chi, or Shir for the drawing. furthermore I realize how much teaching gave them a chance to re-examine their skills. hence I just started a drawing teaching adventure.

Any movement is good if you use it well. 
Be it Job, Family, Location, A movement is a chance to wake up and see yourself bear (pardon the pun) before diving back in, did lots of it this year.

Friends are important.
Having someone to share your reflections, problems and just plain freestyle with is great,
And sometimes you receive such great gifts, in such a casual manner, that you can't even start expressing a thank-you for. (but thank you anyway :)

No risk, no gain.
When you finally take a risk your afraid of, you will probably either lose less than you imagined, or gain more than you expect, happens numerous times lately (mainly the latter).

Life is what happens to you when you'r busy making other plans.
Totally true (even if are shot by a madman in NYC)

So, these are the five, the two are animated poems I adore by Bill Collins:


Walking across the Atlantic

See you at the other side of the (yet another) end of the world.



  1. Hi Dov, Beautiful, truly beautiful and wise post. I think you must have lots of life experience to be able to write something like you did. Every paragraph has got a beautiful life philosophy. I am really impressed and thank you for sharing. I spent most of my day yesterday on my own. I had great time and I was thinking that could be my end of the world. I think also it will be little and symbolic a new beginning for me, like every moment could be. So today is the day 2, year 1 :). I wish you good day. and... see you at the other side of the end of the world.

  2. Hi Aga,
    Thanks a great deal!
    I often wonder who sees/ reads my posts, now I know.
    You made me glad I step out of my boundaries.
    Happy new year (2nd day)


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