Monday, January 7, 2013

Marble to Paper

Yesterday I took my group to draw in the Louvre.

First Sunday of the month is free admission, which means long lines (unless you know alternative entrances) and lots of people (unless you know alternative halls)

Luckily I read the text in parentheses, so entrance was fast and the hall we were in wasn't crowded.
(They say 80% of the crowd in the Louvre is around the Mona-Lisa, Venus de Milo etc., so the rest is quite spacious)

This was the first time I took the time, in between challenging my group members,  to draw as well. (mainly since I promised the boy to draw a statue of Achiles fighting a snake (or something...)

Following are two different attempts to deal with a sad-postured statue.

just straight lines
just dark spots
 Followed by Neptune fighting a sea-beast (Hypocampus, is it?)
* this is a pencils that is an aquarells, which allows drawing, and than smearing it with the finger and some spit. exciting stuff! :)
And I just found a page of other drawing of this one (in case you don't understand what you see...) : here

And a general view, with the horses of Marley (Statues taken from Marley-le-Roi, and put in the Louvre when they created this new section of it)
The statue shows a slave trying to tame a horse, (if you want, you can see it here)

And a small story about the roof - it is a relatively new hall, and the glass roof is designed to pass a constant amount of light, so it stores the light if it is too much and emits it when it gets darker.
As this was told to me by the boy, I am sure every word is true!

BTW - if you want to see our group's work - take a look here.

Till nextime! 



  1. Love it!!! And I loved seeing everyone's drawings. I so wish I could come draw with you.

    I've been away from blogs for weeks and now I am just getting back. I was so happy to click on this post and see your lines and marks -- like seeing your face! Happy New Year!

    1. Thx Lisa, such a joy to get a three-exclamation-marks response!!! (you know meeting you was part of what brought the idea of the group, right?)
      Have a great year yourself as well, and I'm already looking forward to see you on your next round!

      Funny enough, when I look at the above sketches I realize what a difference the page size makes (perhaps I'll try a session with a tiny format, and see what happens...)

    2. I've always wanted to draw/paint something on a huge sheet, maybe wall-size or something equally enormous. I still haven't done it yet!

    3. One fantasy I still have is drawing on stage with live loud music as part of the performance. a huge sheet and wide brushes. white, black and red.

  2. Yes I found you on the Lisa's blog. I think but I am not quite sure that we met wonderful Lisa during her journey. The same person but in two different places in the world but sounds like very similar story. I met Lisa at the drawing group in Edinburgh last summer.I had a look at your drawing group webpage and honestly I think it was brilliant idea and lots of good energy is coming from that project. Huge well done to you and I hope everything goes well. And I have just started to listen R.Wyatt. First song which appeared was a cover of 'what a wonderful world' . I could not find better tune for the busy day which I had today. So thank you very much for recommendation. Huge greetings.

    1. Yes Aga! You made Edinburgh so much lovelier for me, and Dov made Paris more of an adventure. :)

  3. I totally loved it! Great idea to do it "b'hevruta" :) You teach and learn and communicate.
    Is it a permanent bunch?


    1. Hey Igg!
      Depends on your definition of permenant, Anyone can join the group, and anyone in the group can come to meeting, but the number of places for a meeting is limited. so far I had four meetings, there are always newcomers, and tehre are always regulars (except for the first meeting :)
      To make it short, you are invited to join nextime You're here.
      C ya!


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