Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bus watching in the capital P

Did you ever stand near a bus station so long, that when the bus arrived you don't know since when you are there... days? weeks?
That you don't remember where you wanted to go,  and whether you really did. 
That you are not even sure that the person who started standing there is still you.

I guess you didn't.
Neither did I.

It's a lame metaphor, but that's a little how I feel when doing this post.
I'm not the person who started this blog, and probably not even the person that published the (one before) last post.

Lots of drawings piled up on my desk and all around in the past few months, so I'll just post some off the top of the deck. 

First three are from a music-drawing session we had a few weeks back:

Four different musical pieces on one sheet

Goldberg Variations - G. Gould
Drawing music @Natasha's
Next two are from this week's session at the Louvre

Art spectators upwards and downwards
And the next one is very special, most of the drawings I participate in are drawn not just by me, but with other group members, and this one is a shared work by Francois and me, idea started from drawing movement, so we stretch fast two-three lines of the movement and draw around them. I sketched some and asked him to continue, and realized how complimentary our approaches are.
I am running hectic all over the place, not closing any space, dispersing fast impressions with no breath, while he occupies space, defines clear boundaries and distributes weights and colors.
Anyway - I adore this one, and I really enjoy group-drawing.

And this is a gift I received from Francois - a portrait of both of us in Palais Tokyo.

Till nextime! (whenever she wll be...)


  1. Very beautiful post!
    I also adore the one we did in Le Louvre. That was such an alchemy!
    I like a lot those you made at Natasha's place! I'm sure that was a great meetup!

  2. I Loved it. I can see you're a bit different person now.
    Don't wait so long next time :)

  3. I adore those music drawings! Especially the Goldberg one -- I would enjoy looking at it and listening to the music. Wonderful. You make me want to try painting to music once again -- haven't done it in a while!


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