Friday, March 14, 2014

From here and there (mainly here)

Yesterday I had a cleanup attack,
Here are some works (or plays) I found.

A drawing from a model session. I like the intensity of the face ines, and the dissolving of the shoulders into nothing.

Back of painting @ Scott's place
 This is a blurry photo of a photocopy of a drawing and a transparency to the next page of a chair.
After so many filters, is there still a chair there?
Shadow of a chair and its reflection at the Medici fountain
This is a leaflet to a dance I didn't attend, but I adore the art work
When the world was more naive, Israel was often described by Israelis as a woman.
This is a tribute to an Israeli author from way back then.

Another diptich (see above)
 From one of the funnest sessions, a rock singuitarist striking a chord.
Drawn with two acrilic-dipped fingers while dancing.
 That reminds me, I didn't submit new Metro drawings in ages!
RER A meets B

I adore this one, collage done at the Matisse hall in the modern art French museum.
Francois and Nina drawing.
redblack&blue (with some green)
 At an agile conference in France, arrived early before my session, and watched tons of free ducks and geese roaming the place
Just before Foi-Gras.

See you next Spring cleanup.


  1. I really like that chair at the Medici. That day, you learned me a lot of things and this drawing is printed in my unconscious...

    1. Was in the hundertwasser house and museum today, and thought of you.


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