Tuesday, February 22, 2011

7 takes before the trashcan

A final regard, just before the tulips reached the bin stage,

- Background, Foreground, blind, spots, contours, and an attempt at painting after a long while.
- The music is about flowers, so no worries there...



  1. Zoom is nice, but it doesn't fit in the window, have to scroll. Not a good way to look at your drawings.
    Maybe it's the browser... I use Chrome.
    Otherwise - good.

  2. Thx, Ramel!

    And Igor - easier said than done, but as they always said - your wish is my bug (if you find out who are 'they' - let me know)
    Try it on now..

  3. Now it's totally, totally perfect :)

    What are those them you're referring to?

  4. As I said you are the tech-support, so thx for the support!

    I am refering to the others of cours, since you and I will never say such stuff, right ?!??

  5. I like it and wish to have more than 24 hrs a day to give it more time. Normally, I give a minute to everything on the net, and here I accepted the 5 and the 2 and the 7.
    And, I don't mean to provoke, but I am away to other background colors and fonts (and will be back to check for changes of that aspect).
    Oh, you may understand by my general visiting time, that I have'nt learned what is the "comment as" is. I never met this before and I am trying anony moos, hehe.
    Best regards,
    Yuval Golds

  6. Ah, since I am not sure my first comment went through (I chose google for profile- again, what is that)? ok ok... then I said it's good it's good... kol hakavod and ishar koach.


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