Thursday, February 17, 2011

A double shot (& music)

Broke the rules some (Hey - it's my blog and I'll break if I want to), one guitar recording, and two guest recording, by Hal Wilner, and Eugene Chadbourne (That's how I want to play when I grow up!).

And lessons learnt (so you won't say you don't learn new stuff):
- To get a good scan, tear pages out the sketchbook.
- You can see the drawing bigger if you click on it.
- Most people on the train won't beat you up while you draw them.

Expecting your feedback. format? ideas? tech issues (music doesn't work, layout to big)? want to join? or just drop a friendly hello.

P.S. - felt so guilty for breakinTheRulesome, that I added two(!!) recordings at the bottom, having to do with books and that are... the same, if you want you can mixemup, play them together, starting anyone at any point, and with any volume,
Beware - it is at your own risk.

The Bear.

Hal Wilner - Whoops, I'm an Indian
me too


  1. what has money to do with readers? I expect an answer of more than 5 lines (generous, but it's late at night and tomorrow is still Friday - one more day to go).

  2. Wow! Mangled (can I call you Syntax?) a tough question indeed, here goes:

    1. In general, readers need money (books aren't free, you know...)

    2. The subject is not readers, but people (some of them read) and a series of double shot. (see post title)

    3. Since I got some feedback about being too mellow, and since all of the above are sitting in the train, I tried to pick a song that has more rythm.

    4. I prefer to pick songs by texture and not subject.

    5. The truth of the matter, didn't manage to record two songs for now (I did, but they didnt suit what I was looking for), wanted to add just the two guest pieces, but my wife dared me...

    Hope that with the intro, the spaces between the lines and this line I qualify for a long enough answer.

  3. good job !

  4. Reader's evolution 2010-2011. Behold for there are bad seeds in the bottom of the dark dry well. Search softly for the magnetic cruiser which resides silently in each reader heart.

  5. OK, will behold, thanks for the warning, misterious stranger...

  6. I suddenly realized, I could recognize your drawings among many others. You got yourself a unique voice ;)=
    Still listening to the Bookends...

  7. well my dear bear, my beeer dare,
    what i want, after your blogsqimpresionssessions is to go to a picnic at mother nature's heart, and listen to you play the guitar or pencil, the children lough at the background of my mind, and watch the clouds fly.

  8. Hello yourself, 5:4r0, didn't realize it was so late.

    Igor - thanks a lot, made me blush some, but I am takin it like a man...

    And Leorka - a hug from you is always a chag!
    See you soon, and kisses to the little beast.

  9. it's good, it's good
    will be back to see what's new as well as for background, fonts and colors changes. hehe.
    Have a good Mars.


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