Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The manifest and a forest.

Since I really have a lot to say, I'll limit myself,

Rules are simple:
My part:
 - 5 fast sketches. (a small comment is possible on each)
 - 2 guitar pieces - choose a song, first take, no practice.

Your part:
 - Enjoy (I hope) , feedback, and more feedback. (whatever comes to mind, public is better than private).




  1. I think it's actually one guitar piece, you've posted it twice. And this is a good thing, cos second time around it was much better. I didn't get it first time.

    Same goes for the sketches. Look at them, go somewhere else, then come back and look again. They kind of open up.

    I'm adding you to my Google Reader :)
    Keep posting.

  2. Rarely there are comments with such precision!
    Point taken and fixed.

    As for being clearer, I like walking on the edge of abstract. and as far as music goes, I'll try to put a known pop song on top, and a Hebrew one at the bottom.

    And for being the first comment - I had the phone call for you yesterday, hope you have a ticket to ride.

    The bear.
    (Signing as Anonymous, since I didn't configure the account yet)

  3. Dear Bear
    you have a real talent to communicate feelings throw your sketches, the forest seams 3D sort of pop out of the screen/page, in a warm and in a friendly episode

  4. Can I have an award for being the third commenter?
    The music sent me to sleep, where I dreamed that in the largest sketch I saw a rabbi contemplating the tree of life concept, whilst following his family back from synagogue...
    Then I woke up...

  5. Dear brother x, (AKA d)
    how do you know you are the butterfly dreaming you are lau-ze?
    And about the award.. just tap your shoes three times, and kisses to the girls.

  6. הצליח!! נהנתי. מזל טוב. נפלא!
    יעל מהדרום הקרוב

  7. cool !!! ;)

  8. dearbear or beardear
    i love you.
    big h and kisses

  9. היי דוביק
    איזה יופי! יצאתי איתך לטיול בחורשה. הלכנו לאט לאט, הייה שקט, מעורר למחשבות והתבוננות פנימה והחוצה. אינטימי מאוד. ניזכרתי בגיטרה ובעצב של ניק דרייק. נעים. שולחת חיבוקים

  10. Loved the guitar pieces!
    Man [bear] of many talents, eh?

  11. Thanks so much to all of you for the great welcome you have given me to the blogosphere!

    Glad I managed to wake up just what I (apparently) wanted and take you along on a short break with me.

    Will try to post at least once a week.

    And feel free to post in any language you feel comfortable with.

    Kisses to all.

  12. it's good. it's good
    Some things of unimportance (like photo in a frame):
    1. colors in the page (not of the drawings hehe), background...
    2. As you notice, users struggle with the "comment as" issue- google shmoogle, word press as depress....) please add some explanation before we figure out what is it by ourselves. When I comment in ynet there is no need for that....


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