Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cars with a capital P!

Some say cars are cars, (or a rose is a rose),

But cars (especially polished chrome) also blend in, stand out, and reflect their surrounding.
As part of the cityscape of Paris, here are some self portraits and city portrait
 attempts with cars, train windshields, and a plain mirror.


  1. Let spring bring in nice and enjoyable reflections

  2. cars = voitures? si oui, c'est quoi les voitures pour toi sur ton chemin?

    les odeurs, couleurs, bruits?

    ici les traits sont fins, dans certains blogs avant tu dessines avec des grands traits. pourquoi?
    pour moi c'est presque pas la même personne qui fait les deux, c'est rigolo, je n'arrives pas à les unir.
    dans les gros traits je sens que c'est plus concentré et là plus vaste, énergie plus large. comme tu vis toi cette différence?

    merci pour ce blog
    j'aime lire ce que tu écrive en accompagnant tes dessins, ça colorie mon regard de tes dessins.
    la musique qui accompagne c'est chouette aussi.
    yael du sud

  3. Thx moty, I'll join the wish.

    And Yael(ka), i'll try to anszer. (and I'll added a riddle at the end)
    - As you see when shifting from azerty to a qwerty keyboard somethings remain, so it is a good practice for me to change keyboards and handwritings just so I don't forget the handwriting is mine and not grow to believe it is me (I also find it a nice game)

    As for cars, cars for me are cars (allover the world) and are a great mean to reflect a big urban scenery for me. just like a shop owner takes a great effort to arrange stuff in his vitrine, but you use it to regard your image.
    The nice thing about cars is their different curves, since I draw from models, and they are great twisted mirrors to filter and twist reality for me, and allow me to see the scene I draw in 365 degrees.

    Now for the riddle - since this post is partly about self portraits, I sprinkled the words I Me Mine all over, can you estimate the count without looking back? and would it be more interesting if they all zere removed (or at least replaced zith You You Yours)

    And since being Yael du sud depends on both our positions, allow me to refer to you as Yael during this reply (that is written from a sud suddier than yours :-)

  4. Hello my favourite ursine friend! I must say I had never thought of cars of having any kind of intelligence. I had always thought of them as brutal loads of metal, ready to groind you out of this existence would you find yourself in the same coordinates (in a 4 dimensional universe) as them. Metal cages, as a great French band sings it. And yet... !Here (picture #1) I can see they are capable of setting an interesting eye on the animal of you. A bit as a predator faking a nap would do with its prey. The poor moving piece of food does not realise it is in great danger and comes nearer and nearer. And suddenly, snap!

  5. Never claimed they do (since inteligence is defined as having a point of view as close to mine as possible), it all depends on your depth-of-field, does it stop at the metal, or go beyond to the reflection.
    Taking your warning - I'll try from now on only to draw reflections of non-moving cars (unless I am inside and not driving), and always approach them from the side, so I am in their blind-spot.

  6. עכשיו כשאני חושבת על המכונית שלי ועל כל מה שמשתקף בה מחיי... אני רוצה למהר ולנקות ממנה את כל השיירים ולשחרר אותה\ אותי לחופש.
    היא לא זכתה לטיפול יצירתי ואולי הגיע הזמןלתאטרון חזותי....

  7. דוב הגדול... אולי תנגן ככה לשמך 20 דק' וזו תהייה מדיטציה מצויינת לפני שאני מסובבת את המפתח בסוויצ' לנסיעה ארוכה..???

  8. Hey Efrat, sorry for the delayed response!
    Will do so;etime, but if you really like it, you can just copy all the pieces I posted (I started posting links in the posts, othyerwise - look for mp3 in the page source), if you have problems, ping me on the book-of-faces.
    So sorry we didnt meet this round, perhaps nextime...

  9. Recently, a photographer I almost know, did a series of pictures of urban landscapes reflected in the windshields. Coincidence?


  10. The trick is not to get hit by the car when you do that, so photography is indeed less dangerous. and danger is part of the game, aint it?

    And about coincidence - depends wether you believe in determinism or not.

    And BTW - define "almost know"...

    Adn BTW #2 - welcome back!

  11. "almost know" means know virtually :)

  12. C'mon...
    All knowledge is virtual,
    you know it, I know you do.


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