Monday, April 4, 2011

The capital P.

Fancy some Paris flavor?
Here goes.
(Only one music piece this time, OK?)

just to clear out some ambiguity - A glass roof inside a gallery:


  1. my favourite is the second one

  2. These ones really got me into Classic Europe atmosphere;
    Glimpse of smells (mix of moisture & fresh pastry), darkie weather, architecture spills the weight of history and sounds of an organized rush.
    …I can feel it in my bones :-)

  3. Thx CB,
    The yellow smears are not that intentional, they are caused by me drawing right to left, (a custom of semite language hand-writing), and a scanner effect (since I prefer scanning in color), and I find it makes the 2nd one more interesting indeed.

    Thanks for lending me your nose and historic memory in addition to your eye! and kisses to the mrs. ;)

  4. who is we?
    I am a bit afraid of social movement.

    However, Cash-Distributors are never to be ignored. I am posting the new one w no music, wil update the music later...



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