Monday, April 25, 2011


They (actually he) say a man is made in the mold of his birthplace, so coming back and seeing the mold changed and so did you, but still you both stayed the same is quite interesting (if you are interested...)

Some shots of my molding-place:

(This time more than 5, and more than 2)

Root-beer for the firstime.

Once upon a time, there was a peace-project, three skyscrapers - a Circle (Islam) a Square (Christianity) and a triangle (Judaism), called towers of peace, but Ego is bigger than idealism - hence today they are Towers of Azrieli.

The cat feeding lady (shhhh, don't tell anyone)

Cats are fed up.

She said - Didn't recognize you without the hat, be careful when cars cross

In this picture there hides a huge black statue, can you find it and color it rust?

A street lamp emitting dark rust, used to adore it, and still do.


  1. היתעלתה על עצמך דוב הדר

  2. Fabulous drawings! I loved it very much. Interesting what else do you keep there, as at least to me it looks like every post you kind of discover a new style of yours.

  3. יפה ונוגע!

  4. כתבתי תגובה ארוכה מאד והיא נמחקה
    אז נשאר פה חיבוק
    ואנסה בעברית
    ומחכה לראות עוד
    והמשך לצייר
    ושאני אשמח לראות עוד ציורים מאלה עם הקו העבה
    החזקים האלה שעושים לי לראות בין אמנות סינים לייחוד שבמה שאתה
    אה, וגם שכיף כשאתה כותב מילים מלוות ציורים
    כי זה ציור בפני עצמו

  5. AnonymousMay 01, 2011

    מקסים ומרגש MKSIM!!!!!שיר

  6. Your Tel Aviv is so different from Paris, even you style has changed. You drawing T.A. is not you drawing P. Great as always...

    And what is this colored thing?

  7. The color thingy is the one I am most proudof of the 3.
    It is an install I made with a small box I found, containing some violet tissue and a kal-kar.
    It is the same statue from the other side, I gave it as a present to A&A, and they sent me a photo, but it is not that clear.

    BTW - while drawing it, I saw some people around the statue, and a woman asked me if the red car blocking her's is mine.
    It turned out it belongs to the sculpturer, and he had a meeting with people from the cityhall about how to restorte the status, and I got to hear how he explained the structure of it, its center of gravity, etc...


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