Monday, March 28, 2011

Drawing by ear

Actually I planned to have no drawings this week, and just talk about a book that creates magic, a wizardry of language, emotions, poetry and that is made of pure and untranslateble multilayered hebrew, one that made me re-feel the joy of language and literature after i-forgot_how_much time, but it will have to wait...

Yesterday night I went to a Bill Frisell concert with my daughter, and we landed on the most magical warm up, a Theremin solo concert by the enchanting Pamelia Kurstin.
And since (as whoever said) Writing about music is like dancing about architecture, I give up the music part this time, and just try to draw about it.

- Moving the hands in the air, drawing imaginary structures of music that penetrate the defense system and touch the soul.

- From time to time she sets up some loops on the stage ground, or some other sorcery (we were too close and low to see exactly what)

The Bill Frisell show was surprising as expected, a great, layed back, avantguard country music, with two guitars (a slide and a Frisell...), a violin, and a base.

Since my lovely ant said it is unclear, I'll solve the below triptich - a bass-player from whiteto black:

And its most touching piece was when Carrie Rodriguez took the guitar and sang "I'm so lonesome I could cry" .

my daugter asked me on the way home what are the words about, and we got to talk about music which made the ride back a cinch. sometimes being a parent feels like it is actually all worthit.

And as always, till nextime...

The Bear.


  1. I like the violin especially. Might be because it's more basic. Which suits my own personality. Also, I would say that, even more than for previous drawings of yours, this kind of work would be better appreciated in real than on the screen. When looking at them I do not feel the need to zoom in but exactly the opposite. I feel the need to step back. To walk around it. Maybe walk away, And then walk towards it (I think I heard some music over there). And let myself be surprised by the movements of the brush (well actually the pastel stick).

  2. hei you, tu préfère que j'écrive en heb ou en français ici?

    j'aime bcp tes dessins, oui, je le dis, déjà.

    הביקור פה בשניות הראשונות היה מן מאיפה הוא שם את הציורים היפים הללו? מאיפה מצא? הרגשתי מטיילת בעולמות הייקו וזן בודהיזם. חזק. מינימליסטי. מדבר. חיים וטבע. חשבתי על ספרי התרגומים של הופמן המעולים. על האיורים שם. על הטקסטים. בא לי לקרוא שם שוב אחרי שמביטה בשלך. איזה שווה. מאיפה זה בא פתאום הציוריות הזו? הבטת בחוץ? בפנים? נראה כמו איזה צייר אתה.
    והגיטרה בפוסט השני זה אתה. נראה. נשמע. כמה נעים. אילתור שלך? נדיב מה שאתה עושה פה מול העולם. עוזר לי לנשום עמוק ולנסות להתחיל סוף סוף את יומעבודתי שמסרב להתחיל. הנה, עכשיו, אתחיל נשיקות ליצירתיות ואנא המשך
    יעל הדרומית

  3. Thansomuch Crusty and Anonymous Yael, for commenting,
    but mainly for letting my stuff be looked at and meditated on, and sharing the reflections.

    As for the specific questions, I'd like comments to be accessible to any reader, so English is a good start, and French vs. Hebrew (or any other language...) - Just write in whatever laguage you feel comfortable with.

    And yes, the guitar is mine (bought in a Brocant for 10 Euros), I try to put the first take (unless I find it totally horrible or one of the kids interrupts me :-), and just as with the drawings - not trying to be technically good, just challenge myself a bit.

    Will try to respond less seriously nextime.


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