Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trees - part two, (or - partout)

Had another peek last week at the current world of Shir, who tought me how to draw and look. (see a link on the right..) and tried to refresh some aproaches.
Some more trees today, and a second shot at last week's music themes as well. (with a slightly different guitar)

And, it's a great honor to have two guests this time, who are good friends of each other that didn't meet in a long while.

Trees guitar #1

And now for the guest corner...

The first guest is drawn just above (while I am chasing him up the stairs)...
I usualy don't read titles, but this one surely earned its title...

The eye of Ganesh

The other guest is right below, and has the sheer energy of 6 year old.
A small note of warning - you might want to have volume control handy :-)

Till nextime!


  1. I like it (#5 is my favor).
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. היייי דב'קה!
    הציורים מדהימים. הציור בצבע כל כך עדין ויפה,מתאים לך לצייר בצבע.ואהבתי גם את השאר, את כולם.ותודה על הקטע של יהלי:)כיף לשמוע.

  3. הי דובקה נשיקות וחיבוקים

    הציורים מדהימים ומעוררי השראה
    אני רוצה הדפסים בצבע שלהם
    ויהלי מפציצ בגרסת חלב חלב שלו בעוצמה
    אני אשמיע לו את עצמו מחר נראה איך יגיב :-)


  4. Very nice! Especially like the first three. The third reminds me a bit of Vuillard's drawings in their selective emphasis. Thanks for the music while looking!

  5. Oh I love that top one (reminds me of our conversation about drawing the roof lines of Paris)! And also the aquarelle, of course. :)

    Nice musical guest. ;)


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