Sunday, March 6, 2011


Talked to my son today about trees while returning from the library, do they have a soul or not.
First he said they do not, only animals do, but then we started looking, there are trees that are miserable, sometimes frightened, there are trees that are happy, some like company and some like to be alone,
Some trees embrace and protect you, and some just grow or stand.
Told him there is a tree whose soul I am trying to catch for some time, but I always miss a bit, and then we stopped and looked at it.

Soo many trees, I think I'll name the post Trees - part 1.

See you!, and if you want to bring trees for nextime, I'll be happy to acceptit!

A knock on the door? at this hour?
Sure, come right in, no, not at all, I wasn't sleeping, just fooling around with the guitar. want a cup of tea?

If you liked it, some more - right here...


  1. מקסים אתה יוצר כל הזמן עוד ועוד
    איזה כייף
    נשיקות דובקה

    דרך אגב
    מקסים הקטע הראשון

  2. Hadaros! an honor to see you here.

    When I thought of people who will sent their stuff I thought of you.
    Wanna share some Yahli hums, some drawings?

    See ya soon!

  3. מאמצת את הקרקוע למחוייבות הרישום
    מעתה אמור 5 שקיצות לשבוע...
    אהבתי את הנגינה שמתנגנת ביינות הענפים
    תודה על השיתוף

  4. Yesterday, a girl taught me (and a few others) how to hug a tree. Later on, as we were reflecting on this during a meal, the male part of the table reminded one thing. We, men, have a habit to *pee* on trees. The female part of the audience, initially quite satisfied of dragging us in a world of compassion and love for all creation, hold that thought for two seconds. Then we spoke of something else, having tacitly come, once again, to this annoyingly common conclusion that yes we are different indeed.

  5. Once, while watching a meditarenean sunset at the beach, I saw a barefoot tourist, with an ommm-shanty look, long-time-unwashed cloths, and messy hair stoping his walk and performing what I guess is a farewell-to-the-sun meditation, standing on one foot and with his eyes shut.
    The beach was crowded, and a dog passed by, sniffed some, peed on the guy's leg, on his bag, and went about his way, and the guy didnt even notice.
    The girl I was with saw how pityful this guy was, but I couldn't help but see there are much more viewpoints. the guy was not aware of it, he was in peace with the universe, the dog was relieved, he was in piss as well, so who cares if someone peed a few days on the tree you hug today, or someone hugged a tree you pee on now?
    (In fact - I like the roleplaying-game between background and object)

    Or in other words - I love your comment!

  6. I think this post is the most wonderful thing I have read in days. :) And your sketches of course -- my favorite is the second from top.

    In California many of the trees keep their leaves in winter. So I'm really enjoying walking around Boston and seeing the bare branches (and sketching them of course, when it's not too cold out).


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